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#36 - Arbor Day | April 24, 2020

#36 - Arbor Day | April 24, 2020

 Here are 10 tree-riffic facts about trees that you didn’t know, that you didn’t need to know:Some states celebrate arbor day on a different dateThey do that because the last friday in April isnt an ideal time to plant everywhereHawaii celebrates the first friday of NovemberAlaska celebrates the third monday in May In 2019 2 youtuber teamed up and got 20,000,000 trees plantedMr. Beast and Mark RoberMr. Beast posts random videos of himself giving away money, houses, and carsSometimes as prizes for weird competitionsSometimes just becauseHe gives away 10’s and 100’s of thousands in almost every videoMark Rober does science experiments the occasional prank and sometimes bothHe will test interesting theories, like “will people return a lost wallet”Why do pools smell like chlorine (its because of pee)And he even made a glitter bomb that pranked package thievesYou can still donate and plant more trees at teamtrees.orgThey are up to almost 22,000,000 as of today Global forests remove about ⅓ of fossil fuels from the atmosphereThese numbers come from tests done between 1990 and 2007Probably much less now since all the deforestation and wild fires going on One large tree can provide enough oxygen for 4 humansThats dailyThats crazyTrees help reduce the effects of climate changeThey store and convert carbon dioxide into oxygenIn a year an acre of trees offsets about 26,000 miles driven in an average carThat's about 2 average driver’s worth of carbon dioxide thats offset The first Arbor Day took place on April 10, 1872, in Nebraska. More than 1 Million Trees planted.Since then, the foundation has planted at least 250 million new trees.There are about three trillion trees on Earth? About 422 trees for every 1 person. There are two main types of trees, Deciduous and Evergreen.Deciduous trees include maple trees, elm trees, oak treesEvergreen trees have small needles America’s national tree is the Oak tree. 750 species of tree present in the US.100,000 tree types in the world Staring at trees helps reduce stress. Visual exposure to settings with trees have been found to produce significant recovery from stress within five minutes. indicated by changes in blood pressure and muscle tension.

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