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Booth: Obey Necessity | 14

Booth: Obey Necessity | 14

Please note, this episode contains contains adult themes, sexual content, and strong language. Listener discretion is advised.In this first of three John Wilkes Booth special episodes, the country - and the Booth family - is torn apart in Civil War. John must choose between his family's legacy and his personal convictions.1865 is an Airship production. You can support this show at to get early, ad-free access to episodes and more.Featuring (in order of appearance):Montgomery Sutton (John Wilkes Booth)Allison Pistorius (Ella Starr)TA Taylor (John Ford)Alex Organ (Edwin Booth) Jessica Renee Russell (Lucy Hale)Erik Archilla (Samuel O’Laughlen)Steven Walters (Robert Lincoln)Created by Steven Walters and Erik ArchillaDirected by Robert McCollumWritten by Steven WaltersExecutive Producer: Lindsay GrahamCo-executive Producers: Erik Archilla, Robert McCollum and Steven WaltersMusic and Sound Design by Lindsay GrahamTo find out more about 1865, go to, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.New episodes air weekly, and look for special “Inside the Episode” interviews with the writers and producers of the series to find out more about the real history behind 1865.

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