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All Our Uncanny Valley Thoughts...And When You Need to Go to the Doctor

All Our Uncanny Valley Thoughts...And When You Need to Go to the Doctor

Have you all read Uncanny Valley? Because this episode is a long way of saying, “Wow, you really should.” We are bubbling over with thoughts about Silicon Valley, gender and tech, and Anna Wiener’s all-around exceptional writing. Oh, and we also have something to say about going to the doctor during these times, as people who’ve had to go on multiple occasions.   The linkage:   You got a dreamy VM you want to leave? 833-632-5463—come on.   Two companies doing a good job thinking about medical solutions during this time: Capsule Pharmacy and Thirty Madison, with its online urgent care.   A case for taking babes to the doctor: this NYT story about vaccine rates dropping among kids.   Breaking news alert: Erica is now the proud owner of the jumbo tin of Luxardo cherries (and is stocked-up on her favorite GF pasta, too). Put your Luxardos in a Tom Collins!   Read o’ the week: Uncanny Valley by Anna Wiener. If you want a taste, it was excerpted in The New Yorker (and also started as an n+1 essay).   Here’s the “Measles for the One Percent” article from New York mag that Claire references.    Glossary of the references in the book if you wanna check your answers.   Such good writing about premiocre by Amanda Mull and Venkatesh Rao!   Whip up some Sun Basket. Get $35 off your order with the code ATHINGORTWO. Treat your hair to Nutrafol—20% off with the code ATHINGORTWO. YAY.   Produced by Dear Media

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