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How We’re Working Together Now and John Jannuzzi (Master of Creative Pursuits!)

How We’re Working Together Now and John Jannuzzi (Master of Creative Pursuits!)

You know who wrote the book on socks (and started one of the best Tumblrs and bakes internet-famous cookies)? John Jannuzzi, and he’s here to share his creative side-hustle tips (but not any of the burnt malted milk and Kit-Kat cookies—he’s keeping those for himself). Before we dive in, though, can we discuss long-distance collaboration between two people who live four blocks apart? Yes, we’re talking about us.   Visit and use code ATHINGORTWO for $25 off your first Box! Also, visit and use code ATHINGORTWO for 15% off your order!   The linkage:   We’ve picked up some good work habits from the book Making Ideas Happen.   Breaking snack news: The Daily Crave smoked gouda lentil chips might be a wise bulk purchase (as they have been for Claire), and the makers of Pretzel Perfection are donating party mix to school districts and food banks.   How to Wear Socks! It’s John Jannuzzi’s new book. Feels very appropriate for dads ‘n grads, no?   Classic white Bombas! John’s favorite socks.   Bring on the crazy glasses, fun socks, and nutty shoes: Per The Strategist, Strawberry Crocs are having moment.   John’s other creative undertakings: 1) his v. popular early-days Tumblr Textbook 2) his dance compilations 3) Jannuzzi’s Cookies, batches of which go on sale every Sunday at 8 p.m. ET (set a reminder!).   Oh, also: John is very active on both Twitter and Instagram.   Two people John looks to for creativity guidance: Amanda Mull (who is a staff writer at The Atlantic) and Mary H.K. Choi (the author of Permanent Record and Emergency Contact and host of the minipod Hey, Cool Life!).   You know we love our voicemails. 833-632-5463!   For anything else you might be looking for related to all of this, head over to   Stock your fridge with Daily Harvest—$25 off your first box with the code ATHINGORTWO. YAY.   Produced by Dear Media

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