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Ep. 0: Y'all of Cthulhu - Meet the Investigators

Ep. 0: Y'all of Cthulhu - Meet the Investigators

Howdy pardner, and welcome to Ain’t Slayed Nobody, a Call of Cthulhu actual play podcast in an Old West setting. In this introductory episode, meet our party of investigators and learn how they came together in this world of the lawful, the lawless, and everything in between. Saddle up there, hoss, and take a ride Down Darker Trails as we shoot and holler our way out of any situation the Keeper can throw at us. Cosmic horror and humor await in this twisted H.P. Lovecraft style Western. Ride with our Call of Cthulhu podcast on Patreon ( to help us while you earn bonus content. Buy show merch at Cover art by @moon.hermitcrab

Duration: 12 min

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