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Ep. 2: Y'all of Cthulhu - Burning Man

Ep. 2: Y'all of Cthulhu - Burning Man

Our investigators actually begin to investigate the oddities they encounter as they ride down darker trails. The posse’s adventures take a turn towards the macabre as they discover a mysterious figure out in the desert and an abandoned cabin in the woods. There’s no way any of this could go horribly wrong, right? What Lovecraftian horror and surprises will the party uncover as they continue their fateful ride towards Olvido? Who is Kate Caldwell? And will the NPCs survive long enough to pass vital information on to our investigators, or will they die in a hail of bullets? Ride with our Call of Cthulhu podcast on Patreon ( to help us while you earn bonus content. Buy show merch at Cover art by @moon.hermitcrab

Duration: 1 hr 19 min

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