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Ep. 3: Y'all of Cthulhu - What Dreams May Call

Ep. 3: Y'all of Cthulhu - What Dreams May Call

This month on Ain’t Slayed Nobody: it’s time for some scary stories in the dark as our posse confronts some creepifying cosmic horror out in a mysterious dreamscape. Back in the real world—or is it?—the party deals with some dromedary affairs and attempts to drown their sorrows in the suspicious town of Mesilla as they continue on their way down darker trails to Olvido. Who—or what—will the party encounter in the dreamscape? What was Sparky’s deal, anyway? Will any mysteries be solved, or just more uncovered? And more importantly, just how much whisky can the party drink in one sitting? Ride with our Call of Cthulhu podcast on Patreon ( to help us while you earn bonus content. Buy show merch at Cover art by @moon.hermitcrab

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