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The Gratitude Effect | All In Leadership

The Gratitude Effect | All In Leadership

November is the month of gratitude. There are a wide array of benefits, from a personal and professional perspective, when you can immerse gratitude into a culture. After the long sunny days of the summer, comes the wild ride of jumping back into routine with back to school, which seems to lead right into the hustle and bustle of the holidays. It's one thing after another, and can often times be hard to find moments throughout the day to pause, be present and practice gratitude. It happens to all of us, even when we set out with the best of intentions.Gratitude is more than saying thank you, research has proven the benefits to those that practice it on an ongoing basis. Practicing gratitude shifts our thoughts to a positive mindset, and has been proven to improve empathy, physical, and emotional health, mental strength, and even improve your ability to sleep according to a 2011 study published by Applied Psychology: Health and Well Being.With all of the benefits of immersing gratitude into your daily practices, you'll be able to shift to creating a habit of gratitude - which is where the magic happens both at home and in the cultures of your organization.#novemberchallenge #november2019 #thanksgiving #novembervibes #practicegratitude #gratefulnovember - - - - - Have you joined our email list yet? Subscribe Now and Grab a Freebie on how to "Land the Job you Love."Topic or speaker suggestions? Shoot us an email: kimvirtuoso@allinleadershipcg.comThanks for listening and subscribing to our channel! If you love what you are hearing, be sure to leave a 5 star rating with some comments.  We appreciate you! We’d love to connect with you! Contact Info:Kim Virtuoso, CEO | All In Leadership | Coaching & Consulting Groupwww.allinleadershipcg.comkimvirtuoso@allinleadershipcg.comIf we aren't connected yet be sure to connect with us on social media:YouTube:  All In LeadershipPinterest: @allinleadership LinkedIn:  

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