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The disappearance of Timmothy Pitzen

The disappearance of Timmothy Pitzen

6 year old Timmothy Pitzen, a resident of Aurora, IL, went missing in May of 2011. He was taken from school by his mother, Amy Fry Pitzen. Amy died by suicide and Timmothy has never been located.  At the time of his disappearance Timmothy was 4’2 inches tall, 70 pounds with light brown hair and brown eyes. If you have information on his case,  contact Aurora Police at 630-256-5000 Already Gone releases new episodes on the first and 15th of each month. Support the show by visiting our sponsors, Better Help & Mint Mobile. If you’d like early access to ad free episodes, find us on Patreon at Special thanks to researcher Haley Gray and the good people at Gray Multimedia. #Illinois #Missing #unsolved #suicide #Wisconsin #coldcase  Support the show:

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