Ask a Cycling Coach: 003 – TrainerRoad Podcast

Ask a Cycling Coach: 003 – TrainerRoad Podcast

• How to incorporate weekend rides into a training plan • How to adjust your training if you're feeling tired • Which training plans to follow for multiple peaks • Why your threshold heart rate is different when running and cycling • Fast and slow twitch muscle fibers and long term changes • How to train for an Olympic distance Triathlon • How to adjust your training during recovery from an injury • How to become a better climber • Self-coaching vs. hired coaching • Back-to-back build plans • How to train for Race Across America (RAAM) • What to do in between training blocks • How to know how much time you should take off in the off season • How to use cyclocross as cross training • How to train for a Sportive or Gran Fondo • How to lose weight and manage Caloric deficits with cycling • How to pick a training plan and how power-to-weight ratios affect this • How to manage overuse knee injuries for cyclists

Duration: 1 hr 4 min

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