Ask a Cycling Coach: 009 – TrainerRoad Podcast

Ask a Cycling Coach: 009 – TrainerRoad Podcast

• How to become a faster climber • Why you should get rid of needless tension in your body when training • How to ride faster in the flats • How to choose between oval and standard chainrings • How to plan your meals around training • How to train for cycling at an old age • How to manage training stress • Why you should always train with a power meter • Why mid-season slumps happen and how to manage them • How to train for a long event with short training • How to control your electronic trainer with your power meter • Why does my power meter read differently than my electronic trainer • How to combine running with an indoor cycling plan • How your heart rate zones relate to your power zones • How to manage cramping for cyclists • Can I race during base training • How to use the Kinetic inRide 2.0 with TrainerRoad

Duration: 1 hr 3 min

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