Ask a Cycling Coach: 030 – TrainerRoad Podcast

Ask a Cycling Coach: 030 – TrainerRoad Podcast

• How to use a smart trainer with TrainerRoad • How cadence affects electronic trainers • How to lose weight while retaining muscle • How to count calories for cyclists • How to know if you are sugar adapted • How to reduce reliance on sugar • How to use TrainerRoad with a coach • How to make your own custom workouts • How to use VirtualPower • Why does indoor FTP differ from outdoor FTP? • How to set up your trainer • How to adjust the intensity of a workout in TrainerRoad • What cadence should you ride at? • Is low cadence better than high cadence? • What gear should you use on an electronic trainer? • How to use your power meter with TrainerRoad • How to use PowerMatch

Duration: 1 hr 5 min

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