Ask a Cycling Coach: 036 - TrainerRoad Podcast

Ask a Cycling Coach: 036 - TrainerRoad Podcast

• TrainerRoad is on Snapchat! • TrainerRoad at Sea Otter • How to get faster • How to raise your FTP • Is speed irrelevant when training inside? • How to measure improvement for cyclists • Where to start with a cycling training plan • How power meters work • How single leg power meters work • Is alcohol bad for athletes? • Is beer a good recovery drink? • How much alcohol is too much for cyclists? • How to use TrainerRoad in a gym when travelling • What is Heart Rate Max (HRM)? • How to use heart rate data • Can you increase your max heart rate? • How to know when to chase down a breakaway • Race tactics for road and criterium racing • What is the difference between different types of mountain bikes? • Which mountain bike to start out with • Are early morning workouts bad for you? • How to stay motivated with your training?

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