Ask a Cycling Coach: 038 - TrainerRoad Podcast

Ask a Cycling Coach: 038 - TrainerRoad Podcast

• What is a power-to-weight ratio in cycling? • Are heavy cyclists slow? • Is weight important in criterium and road racing? • How to win a race even if you’re heavy • How to balance fatigue and training load • How to taper for an event • How to structure your training plan • What is supercompensation? • Are electronic groupsets better than mechanical? • Is cadence more important than power? • Which cadence is ideal in cycling? • Training for weaknesses or strengths • How to train without a specific event in mind • Training for casual cyclists • How to have smoother power output • Why is my power output so inconsistent? • How to use TrainerRoad outdoors • How to perform intervals outside • How to come back to training after an injury • How to train for year-round racing • How to increase your 1 minute power • How to become a better sprinter • How to increase power with interval training

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