Ask a Cycling Coach: 048 - TrainerRoad Podcast

Ask a Cycling Coach: 048 - TrainerRoad Podcast

• How to upload outdoor rides to TrainerRoad • What are TrainerRoad training camps? • How to learn MTB skills • How to train for cyclocross • how to transition to cyclocross from road • Can you play video games while you train? • How to mix entertainment with your training • What type of stretching should you do after training? • Best stretches for cyclists • How to maintain fitness in the off season • How to use your offseason to get faster • Is positioning important when training indoors? • Which riding position is best to train in? • Which cadence is best? • Is it best to train at an ideal cadence, or the cadence you'll ride at when outside? • Which gearing is best for road riding?

Duration: 1 hr 4 min

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