Justin Williams - Special Guest – Ask a Cycling Coach 263

Justin Williams - Special Guest – Ask a Cycling Coach 263

Justin Williams from L39ION of Los Angeles joins the team to break down his career, sprint tactics, and more in Episode 263 of The Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast. Donate to L39ION of Los Angeles: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOPICS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: Special Guest Justin Williams joins The Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast! How to setup a leadout train Can you teach people leadout skills? How do you communicate as a team? How to stay safe while fighting for position WYR have 2000 watts peak power or 1500 watts for longer? Do you do strength training? Justin’s nutrition and training strategy for off season to in season Justin’s breakdown on how to sprint How Justin started his cycling career How can we make cycling more inclusive? Donate to the L39ion of Los Angeles How do you find new riders for L39ion? How to beat L39ion of Los Angeles Would L39ion race Dirty Kanza? More training questions answered here: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW L39ION ON INSTAGRAM: L39ION of Los Angeles: Justin Williams: Cory Williams: Dante Young: Cory Lockwood: Tyler Williams: Hunter Grove: Lance Haidet: CJ Williams: Eder Frayre: Diego Binatena: Isaiah Oliver: Angel Munoz: Ethan Villaneda:  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE ONLY PODCAST DEDICATED TO MAKING YOU A FASTER CYCLIST Each week Coach Chad Timmerman, Coach Jonathan and TrainerRoad’s CEO Nate Pearson gather to answer queries submitted from athletes around the globe, as well as dish about their latest training experiments, discoveries and tips. Subscribe to the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT TRAINERROAD — CYCLING’S MOST EFFECTIVE TRAINING SYSTEM TrainerRoad makes cyclists faster. Athletes get structured indoor workouts, science-backed training plans, and easy-to-use performance analysis tools to reach their goals • Build Your Custom Plan: • Get Started: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW TRAINERROAD • Facebook: • Instagram: • Twitter: • Strava Club:

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