Live Q&A with Marc Pro Cycling – Ask a Cycling Coach 149

Live Q&A with Marc Pro Cycling – Ask a Cycling Coach 149

A special live Q&A episode with Marc Pro Cycling's Dave Christenson covering everything from stage race tactics to recovery nutrition. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOPICS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE • How to recover between stages in the same day • What type of fitness is needed to race in UCI races • Can steady state riders do well in criteriums? • Stretches and recovery methods for stage races • How much time should road racers spend on the trainer • How to communicate as a team in a road race • How to conserve energy in a road race • How to win a race from a breakaway • How climbing road race strategy varies from flat road race strategy • Is it normal to be sluggish after a stage race? • What you need to know before entering a road race • How much time should a road racing team spend together • What American cycling needs to become more competitive ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GET FASTER WITH TRAINERROAD Every indoor workout you complete using the TrainerRoad app is based on power and calibrated to your personal fitness level. Along with a vast library of structured workouts, you also get access to training plans that tell you exactly what to do to achieve your unique fitness and race goals. It’s power-based training in its most sophisticated and guided form. • Get started today: • Download the TrainerRoad app: • Browse training plans: THE ONLY PODCAST DEDICATED TO MAKING YOU A FASTER CYCLIST Each week Coach Chad Timmerman, Coach Jonathan and TrainerRoad’s CEO Nate Pearson gather to answer queries submitted from athletes around the globe, as well as dish about their latest training experiments, discoveries, and tips. • Subscribe to the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast: FOLLOW TRAINERROAD • Facebook: • Instagram: • Twitter:

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