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The final two bidders set to woo Virgin union

The final two bidders set to woo Virgin union

The fight for Virgin is wrapping up, with the two shortlisted bidders left in the running preparing to make their case to both the administrator and to the union. Hosts Phil Tarrant, Christian "Boo" Boucousis and Adam Thorn share their insights as to who will try to forge alliances with the final two, how the Queensland government fits into the picture, and what this means for the location of Virgin HQ. They delve into how Alliance is looking to create local jobs in Queensland, Qantas' contentious acquisition move without clearance from the ACCC, and the re-opening of Canberra Airport. Tune into this episode of the Australian Aviation podcast to hear about the sentiment among the airport sector around COVID-19 impacts, the international export of a Noosa-built fire tank, and the maiden flight of the first ever US-made Airbus plane.

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