Pure | 2

Pure | 2

More patients are getting sick. As people across the country start asking questions, John K scrambles to figure out what went wrong and to save his company. For accurate information on stem cell treatments, visit the International Society for Stem Cell Research website.Support us by supporting our sponsors!Simplisafe - Get FREE shipping and a 60-day risk free trial when you visit simplisafe.com/batchQuip - Get your first refill pack free when you visit getquip.com/badbatchThredUp - Get 30% off your first order when you visit thredup.com/batchNoom - Start your journey today at noom.com/batchBetter Help - Get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/batchVerishop - Get 15% off your first purchase at verishop.com/badbatch

Duration: 32 min

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