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The BeeMD and More with Dr. Jamie Ellis (S2, E34)

The BeeMD and More with Dr. Jamie Ellis  (S2, E34)

This week, we talk with Dr. Jamie Ellis, from the University of Florida about The BEEMD website, the UoF Bee Lab, Coloss, research, teaching and his extension work! All his work is centered on honey bees, is beekeeper driven and embraces collaboration. Dr. Ellis has a brand-new bee lab with over 50 grad, undergrad and volunteer students conducting research. In addition, he is working on the U of F Master Beekeeper Program, is teaching 5 levels of honey bee classes, speaking to beekeeper groups, hosting his own podcast and more (if you can believe it!). Get set to sit on the edge of you chair for some of the most exciting information on honey bees you’ve heard in a long time – well, at least since our last podcast! Find out more by listening today! Links and websites mentioned in this episode: The BeeMD: The University of Florida Bee Lab: The COLOSS Honey Bee Research Organization: Two Bees in a Podcast: ______________ This episode is brought to you by Global Patties! Global Patties is a family business that manufactures protein supplement patties for honey bees. Feeding your hives protein supplement patties will help ensure that they produce strong and health colonies by increasing brood production and overall honey flow. Global offers a variety of standard patties, as well as custom patties to meet your specific needs. Visit them today at and let them know you appreciate them sponsoring this episode!  We want to also thank 2 Million Blossoms as a sponsor of the podcast. 2 Million Blossoms is a new quarterly magazine destined for your coffee table. Each page of the magazine is dedicated to the stories and photos of all pollinators and written by leading researchers, photographers and our very own, Kim Flottum. _______________ We hope you enjoy this podcast and welcome your questions and comments: Thanks to Bee Culture, the Magazine of American Beekeeping, for their support of The Beekeeping Today Podcast. Available in print and digital at Thank you for listening!  Podcast music: Young Presidents, "Be Strong"

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