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Episode 05-Moving in Together

Episode 05-Moving in Together   Moving in together and forming a blended family is a big decision.  There are some key factors to look at to determine if you are ready, and what steps to take. How do you know if the time is right? Deciding which home to move into, or where to move. How to tell your children. How to tell your ex partners.   When deciding if the time is right for your family to move in together, you must take everone’s feelings into consideration.  If any of the children are mourning from the divorce, that is something that may need to be worked through first.     Think of your current relationship with your partner, and their relationship with your children.  If there are any problems, they will be magnified when you all actually live together.  Jumping in too quickly can cause permanent damage to your relationship.     The question of where you will choose to live depends on many factors.  This is a big decision, but you will want to take certain factors into consideration here.  Such as, where your exes live, where you both work, the childrens ages and what schools they attend, etc.  Make the decision that will be least disruptive for all those involved.   Telling your children that you have decided to move in with your partner is a big step.  They may have seen this coming, or it may come as a surprise.  Depending on the ages and circumstances, the children may or may not be pleased with this decision.  Be sure to talk things out, and listen to their feelings and concerns.     Telling the ex partners is something that needs to be done, though not in the sense of asking permission.  The children involved are both of yours, therefore, your ex is entitled to know about decisions that will affect their life.  This can be done by telephone or email.     Please comment on the show notes if you have a story or tip about your experience.   To join the community Subscibe on ITunes or Stitcher Leave a review on ITunes Join the conversation on Facebook Visit us on twitter Visit the website at leave feedback, questions, or topic ideas to

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