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Episode 10-Fighting Part 1 / Parents

Episode 10-Fighting Part 1 / Parents   Parents in blended families face extra stress and difficulties, which can create some tension on the relationship. This can lead to excess fighting between the adults, and this can be damaging to your blended family.  Some of the most common causes of arguments could be ex partners, children, money, and scheduling.   There are ways to overcome this by learning healthy methods and strategies.  You want to make sure you are fighting fair.  There are good and bad ways to resolve conflicts. First step is to stop using the word fight, which is defined as battle, or combat.  Let’s replace that word with “argument,” or “disagreement.”   You and your partner may have very different styles of handling a conflict, and this in itself can cause a huge problem.  Start paying attention to the way you speak to each other.  Avoid using hurtful and negative language.  Avoid yelling and being accusatory.  Instead try replacing with more positive language, and learn to walk away if you can’t, so you can avoid saying things you may regret later. The children are watching your behavior and interactions, and you want to be a good model.  Arguments should not be taken in front of the children.   Arguing over the children is the most common type of disagreement a blended family faces.  Do not do this in front of the child.  Talk alone about discipline styles and how you feel things should be handled.     Remember that all relationships endure tough times, and it is perfectly fine and expected to not always agree.  Relationships take work and care. Communication is key to get through blended a family together properly.   ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE to make this work!   Thank you for listening! Visit me on Twitter Visit me on Facebook Subscribe on ITunes write to me at Visit the website at

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