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Parental Alienation with expert Joseph Goldberg

Parental Alienation with expert Joseph Goldberg   A recognized expert in parental alienation, Mr. Goldberg was the first educator in the United States to co-author and revise divorce education programs to include curriculum content in parent-child relational problems, specifically in parental alienation, realistic estrangement, and enmeshment. These divorce education programs are accredited by the courts in more than 500 counties across the U.S.  Parents may access these programs online and receive a Certificate of Attendance at   Mr. Goldberg is a member of the prestigious Parental Alienation Study Group, which is led by Dr. William Bernet, and he is the author of a continuing educational course, “Diagnostic Criteria for Clinical Practitioners in the Treatment of Parental Alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome,” approved by the American Psychological Association for 18 CECs.    He joins the Blended Family Podcast to discuss his work in the area of Parental Alienation, and he shares how he helps families with a better process than previously employed by so many. In this discussion we will cover   What Parental Alienation is Why parents do this to their own children The impact of stress on both parent and child How Parental Alienation is still evolving Why Mr Goldberg has chosen to focus his efforts here Other important factors to look at with Parental Alienation What can we do to combat Parental Alienation How to find an expert to help you And SO much more! If you have a problem or a concern about parental alienation  we suggest you read this article to understand why you should employ  the services of a Mental Health Consultant like Joseph Goldberg.   Connect with Joe Goldberg Website Facebook   Connect with me Join the Private Facebook Group Connect with me on Facebook Connect with me on Twitter Connect with me on Instagram   Send questions or feedback to Send me a voicemail at Speakpipe Visit the website at Sign up for my monthly newsletter Listen and Rate/Review on Itunes   Schedule an interview, coaching session, or financial review here Take my money quiz here to see how financially literate you are!   Learn how to get out of DEBT here! Learn how to create an affordable WILL and ESTATE here!                   

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