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Episode 81: "Root-ology" with Leslie Halleck

Episode 81: "Root-ology" with Leslie Halleck

Today Leslie Halleck ("Her Highness of Horticulture") joins me again to talk about the topic I was most excited to cover this season: ROOTS (or as we call it "root-ology". We spend so much time thinking about the “above soil” section of the plant, and often times, disregard the unbelievable root structure underneath the soil that is responsible for keeping the plant alive! So today Leslie walks us through what roots are, why they are important, how they vary, and lots of troubleshooting questions from our Patreon supporters.   Make sure to subscribe to the Bloom and Grow Youtube Show- this week I released a Wallygro grow wall update and this month we will have other videos like a tour of my grow lights and more! Make sure you subscribe so you don't miss anything.   In this episode we learn: What roots do for the plant Roots relationship with the “above ground” portion of the plant Water vs soil roots What growing medium does for root development Different types of roots: fibrous, tap, tuberous, adventitious What an aerial root is Is a rhizome a root? Best practices with roots when repotting Listener questions!   Mentioned in this episode: Bloom and Grow Youtube Show! Wallygro Greenwall Update and Install Leslie's Books: Plant Parenting (for propagation) and Gardening Under Lights    Thank you to today's episode sponsors!   Wallygro offers sustainable and ridiculously simple vertical gardening solutions for any plant parent to have the greenwall of their dreams! (Check mine out on the youtube channel this week!) To learn more about their Eco Planters (that come in 12 gorgeous colors!) head to and use code BLOOM20 for 20% off!   Plants by Post is a family-owned nursery located in Northern California cutting out the middleman and delivering beautiful and healthy  indoor and outdoor annuals and perennials directly to your doorstep, nationwide. I have used them several times and have been blown away by the quality of their plants, intention behind their shipping and love how environmentally friendly they are! Give the gift of PLANTS this season! Head to and use code BLOOM19 for 20% off your order!   Follow Leslie Halleck: Books: Plant Parenting and Gardening Under Lights Instagram Twitter Pinterest Facebook Website:   Follow Maria and Bloom and Grow Radio: Support Bloom and Grow Radio by becoming a Plant Friend on Patreon! Instagram and Facebook: @BloomandGrowRadio Subscribe to the Bloom and Grow Youtube Show! /Bloomandgrowradio Website: Join the (free) Garden Club:

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