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BONUS: “Taking back your control” - Country Schutze

BONUS: “Taking back your control” - Country Schutze

Join Host Georgia Wood as she chats with fellow Lyme Fighter, Courtney Schutze again for a BONUS episode due to it being the last day of Lyme Awareness Month yesterday. They cover from topics from raising awareness for Lyme, Courtney’s campaign, the cycle of rest, work, & play to depression, therapy, anxiety & medication. Hope you enjoy this bonus episode!!!! Follow @bloomingwithlymepodcast on insta to keep up to date ! Courtney’s social media: * Insta: @splashoflyme_ * Website: Georgia’s social media: * Insta: @georgiaw00d (they are zeros) Here is a summary of Courtney’s Journey: Courtney Schutze was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease at the end of 2017 after a 4 year journey of trying to figure out why she was having a bunch of random and debilitating symptoms. It all started in 2014 after she rode her bike from Austin, TX to Anchorage, AK to raise money for cancer research in honor of her father who passed away. She unknowingly got bit by a tick which sent her into 4 years of unexplainable symptoms, pain, and mental distress. On the outside she looked fine, but on the inside Lyme was wreaking havoc all over her body and mind. In December of 2018 her symptoms got to a point that she could no longer work and had to move home with her mom. Feeling extremely alone and isolated she decided to start sharing her story and connecting with others online in the chronic illness community with her account @splashoflyme_. She now spends the little energy she has fighting her own health battle, advocating for the Lyme community, and connecting with others who struggle with chronic illness. Thank you so much for listening ! I promise the recording, flow and editing will get better with each episode ! And remember... sometimes raw, real & relatable stories are more meaningful than cold hard facts. Website coming soon. Email Georgia @ to submit your story or DM her on either Instagram accounts. 💚💚💚

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