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“Fight, heal, live!” - Sarah Schlichte Sanchez

“Fight, heal, live!” - Sarah Schlichte Sanchez

Join Host Georgia Wood as she chats with fellow Lyme Fighter Sarah Schlichte Sanchez. Sarah is an author, entrepreneur, and Mamma to 5 kiddos, her husband Aaron host the Lyme Voice podcast. They work together as advocates within the chronic illness community. Georgia & Sarah cover topics from self advocation, black outs & seizures, what’s the lowest level of Lyme, to balancing being a mother of five, marriage & being sick from a young age. Listen as Sarah & Georgia discuss their stories with living with Lyme Disease. Instagram: * @bloomingwithlymepodcast Email: * Website: * Sarah’s Social Media: * Podcast: Lyme Voice * Insta: @lymevoice * Website: * Sarah’s Childrens Book: * Short documentary: Georgia’s social media: * Insta: @georgiaw00d (they are zeros) Thank you so much for listening ! Don’t forget, if you found this podcast helpful to please leave a rating & review. If you are interested in sharing your story or know someone who would be, feel free to shoot @bloomingwithlymepodcast a message on Instagram or email And remember... sometimes raw, real & relatable conversations are more meaningful than cold hard facts. 💚💚💚

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