Georgia Wood

“I knew this just wasn’t me...” Aeriel Callahan

“I knew this just wasn’t me...” Aeriel Callahan

Join Host Georgia Wood as she chats with fellow Lyme Fighter, Aeriel Callahan. Aeriel is a 21 year old, up coming author studying communication with a focus on advertising. Georgia & Aeriel cover topics from isolation, friends not getting it, CO infections, listening to your body to welcoming the pain, suicidal thoughts, sensory overload, and so much more ! Listen as Aeriel & Georgia discuss their stories with living with Lyme Disease. Instagram: * @bloomingwithlymepodcast Email: * Website: * Aeriel’s Social Media: * Insta: @journeyoflyme Georgia’s social media: * Insta: @georgiaw00d (they are zeros) Thank you so much for listening ! Don’t forget, if you found this podcast helpful to please leave a rating & review. If you are interested in sharing your story or know someone who would be, feel free to shoot @bloomingwithlymepodcast a message on Instagram or email And remember... sometimes raw, real & relatable conversations are more meaningful than cold hard facts. 💚💚💚

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