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“I learned to give myself the grace” - Destiny Lynn

“I learned to give myself the grace” - Destiny Lynn

Join Host Georgia Wood as she chats with fellow Lyme Fighter, Destiny Lynn Villafane. Destiny is a mother of two who has been battling Lyme since she was 7 years old. She has years of Lyme experience and is a breath of fresh air as well. Georgia & Destiny cover topics from being a mother with Lyme Disease, trusting your gut, being scammed & monopolized by Doctor’s to personal favorite coping technics, patience & diet when you don’t admit the diet change is needed. Listen as Destiny & Georgia discuss their journeys. Follow @bloomingwithlymepodcast on insta to keep up to date ! Destiny’s social media: * Insta: @destinylynnvillafane Georgia’s social media: * Insta: @georgiaw00d (they are zeros) Thank you so much for listening ! I promise the recording, flow and editing will get better with each episode ! And remember... sometimes raw, real & relatable stories are more meaningful than cold hard facts. 💚💚💚

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