Georgia Wood

Let’s talk deep dark depressions...

Let’s talk deep dark depressions...

On today’s episode of Blooming With Lyme host Georgia Wood talks those deep dark depression moments. How she deals with it best and the steps that help get her through with her 6 years of experience. Each week Georgia will be doing a 15-20 minute segment on any topic relating with chronic illness, lyme, CO infections & day to day life these days. Feel free to message @georgiaw00d or @bloomingwithlymepodcast on Instagram or email with whatever topic you would like to hear Georgia’s experience & thoughts on. There will still be the conversation/ story telling episodes so also feel free to reach out if you would like your story to be heard. Thank you so much for listening. Please feel free to leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts to help get this podcast out there. I will be doing shout outs on the podcast to remember to leave your name, where you are from and your Instagram handle. Enjoy ! Stay strong ! And remember sometimes real, raw & relatable conversations are more important than the hard cold facts.

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