Vincent Trotto Joseph Sciamanna Brian Tucker

Boys AV Club

Boys AV Club

the boys are back with a state of the art technological marvel of a remote recording setup. no more shitty discord server audio, baby! joe tells the boys about a chinese guy he saw at a back road strip club one time, and they talk about the major pluses of trump enlisting certain help from california to help fight the covid-19 crisis. video of the pod will be available on our youtube channel so listen to the sonics of the pod, or watch along while ur on house pod: @bsclubpod ig: @boysshootingclub follow the boys:vincent: twitter: @lionghoulman ig: @lionghoulmanjoseph: twitter: @absentfather420 ig: @mouthbreatherincbrian: ig: @countcaligulajoin up with the shooters on the boys shooting club podcast fb group or subreddit

Duration: 1 hr 2 min

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