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Groomers Gone Wild

Groomers Gone Wild

so it turns out every super smash brothers player is a pedophile. it turns out everything we thought about starfox mains was absolutely true. we discuss ways to get these professional groomers reigned in a little bit. check out the patreon this week as we will be recording our own commentary to the movie crank 2: high voltagem exclusive for the shooters on the patreon. sorry that ur "professional" gaming scene was actually just some gay epstein stuff. glad to see it come crumbling down cuz yall made the midnight launches at gamestop smell like shit. very stinky.hit up the boys shooting club patreon for more episodes and crank 2 high voltage pod: @bsclubpod ig: @boysshootingclub follow the boys:vincent: twitter: @lionghoulman ig: @lionghoulmanjoseph: twitter: @absentfather420 ig: @mouthbreatherinckody: ig: @your_waifu_is_12join up with the shooters on the boys shooting club podcast fb group or subreddit

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