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Podcaster's Union #42069

Podcaster's Union #42069

this week we continue the killstreak of badass podcasting with our dear dawgie kody synder. podcast work is real work podcast work is real work. we stand alone on the top of the worker's pyramid, above sex workers, pipe fitters, and auto workers. it's scary being THIS essential but we put on our brave faces and press record. lol. if you're digging the pod besure to check out our patreon for more comedicaly haunting content. up to 2 bones pods a fuckin week pod: @bsclubpod ig: @boysshootingclub follow the boys:vincent: twitter: @lionghoulman ig: @lionghoulmanjoseph: twitter: @absentfather420 ig: @mouthbreatherincbrian: ig: @countcaligulajoin up with the shooters on the boys shooting club podcast fb group or subreddit

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