Vincent Trotto Joseph Sciamanna Brian Tucker

West Memphis 3

West Memphis 3

the only way to ever be truly free is to regress to your 2008 mentality. cutting the filters off your cigarettes is the only way to both smoke and be SAFE. this is the last episode before we leave the modern world behind and take refuge within a tf2 public server. if you're digging the pod besure to check out our patreon for more comedicaly haunting content. up to 2 bones pods a fuckin week pod: @bsclubpod ig: @boysshootingclub follow the boys:vincent: twitter: @lionghoulman ig: @lionghoulmanjoseph: twitter: @absentfather420 ig: @mouthbreatherincbrian: ig: @countcaligulajoin up with the shooters on the boys shooting club podcast fb group or subreddit

Duration: 1 hr 39 min

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