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Ep 94. Working from Home in a time of Corona Virus with Toni Jones

Ep 94. Working from Home in a time of Corona Virus with Toni Jones

Anxious about working from home? Partner driving you to despair because you’re together 24/7? In this episode of The Calmer You Podcast I chat with journalist and Shelf Help Bookclub founder Toni Jones about how to handle coronanxiety and thrive at home in a time of Covid-19. We discuss: * WFH tips for introverts and extroverts  * How to still be social (but also not overwhelm yourself with video calls and WhatsApp messages)* The importance of routine* Working at home with your partner or kids * WFH tips for introverts and extroverts * How to still be social (but also not overwhelm yourself with video calls and WhatsApp messages) Download your FREE Calmer You Toolkit Working From Home-with-kids resource from Blaire Palmer of Transcript Hello and welcome to the Calmer You Podcast. This is your host, Chloe Brotheridge. I’m a coach, a hypnotherapist, and I’m the author of The Anxiety Solution and Brave New Girl. And this podcast is all about helping you to become your calmest, happiest and most confident self. Chloe Brotheridge: Thank you so much for listening today. Obviously, I’m so aware of what an anxious time this is for so many of you. I’ve been having tons of messages and questions coming through about how to deal with the uncertainty about coronavirus and all the things that we have to deal with from redundancy is to not be able to leave the house to lack of social interaction to fear about our health and the health of our loved ones. There are so many things to consider right now. And so, what I normally do is record podcasts quite a few weeks in advance and I’ve decided to push back the ones I had scheduled and actually have in place some podcasts that are dealing with the issues that we’re struggling with today. So, obviously, I know what an anxious time they says and I’m going to be planning some online workshops to help you to feel more resilient and feel more positive in what is, for many people, a really challenging time. If you want to hear about that and also download some of the freebies I have on my website, you can go to I’ve got hypnotherapy mp3 on there, affirmations, worksheets; all designed to help me to be a calmer you. And I’ll also let you know about any events or live workshops I’m doing online. So, I am chatting on the podcast today to my friend, Toni Jones. She was a guest, maybe a year ago now, on the podcast. She’s the founder of the self-help book club, Shelf Help. And I definitely recommend you check them out. There’s tons for you to get involved in. Even though the in-person meetups aren’t happening for now, she’s doing loads of stuffs online. Definitely check out Shelf Help Club on Facebook and on her website and on Instagram. I got in touch with Toni because she’d written a fascinating blog post, all about working from home and the challenges that can come up for us when it comes to working from home; from being productive to spending more time with our partners,

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