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17. Time Management + Should You Stream For 8 Hours?

17. Time Management + Should You Stream For 8 Hours?

On today’s episode of Check The Wire, Ryan and Dan talk about the importance of not burning the candle at both ends. They also discuss the lessons they’ve learned from using TikTok for over half a year and why they continue to post to it, then Dan talks about producing an animated video for the first time and using other produced videos during ad breaks. Thank you for dialing in, I hope you enjoy.   https://www.twitter.com/NorthernlionLP https://www.twitch.tv/northernlion https://www.youtube.com/Northernlion https://www.Twitch.tv/DanGheesling https://www.YouTube.com/DanGheesling  https://www.Twitter.com/DanGheesling https://www.Instagram.com/DanGheesling https://www.Discord.gg/DanGheesling https://www.Linktr.ee/DanGheesling

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