George Tsakiridis & Randy Woodbury

S5:E20 Dinner at Eight-ish

S5:E20 Dinner at Eight-ish

It is a day for new beginnings for both our favorite characters and Cheers Weekly!  For our beloved Frasier, it is a new beginning with Lilith as they pursue moving in together but the ideal of complete honesty is put to the test by Sam and Diane.  For Cheers Weekly, some new friendships have been forged as James and John, the hosts of Where Nobody Knows Your Name - A Cheers Podcast, stop by for a chat about our respective love for all things Cheers.  So grab four rum and Cokes, sit back and enjoy "Dinner at Eight-ish"  (Interview - 7:15, Review - 42:20)

Duration: 1 hr 16 min

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