Kate Saffle and Melissa Risenhoover

43: Kids Spaces

43: Kids Spaces

No matter their age, all kids crave a space to call their own, whether it's a bunk in a shared room with siblings or their own bedroom. In EP 43, Kate and Melissa share their thoughts on creating kids spaces: from decluttering to design and function. If you have little people in your life, you'll enjoy this laidback chat about giving them a space of their own.    This episode is sponsored by one of our favorite go-to snacks for our kids: KIND bars. You can get your very own box of 10 bars for FREE, just pay shipping, and see why we love them so much. Head to kindsnacks.com/cohesivehome for all the details.    To catch the latest episodes and updates from Cohesive Home, head to cohesivehome.com to subscribe and thanks for listening!  

Duration: 29 min

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