Kate Saffle and Melissa Risenhoover

47: Change

47: Change

Have you ever faced a really difficult decision about your kids? In episode 47 of the Cohesive Home Podcast, Melissa and Kate are bringing it with vulnerability and honesty, sharing how they handle difficult situations and decisions. Melissa opens up about her decision to stop homeschooling her kids and what's next for them. Kate shares how the launch of her podcast got pushed back by a death in her family and how she's dealing with both. This episode will help you feel encouraged and less alone in your struggles!   In this episode: Melissa shares why they stopped homeschooling and how she's processing that decision. Kate talks about her struggles recently and why routine matters. They both chat about ways to overcome struggles and make difficult, but needed decisions.   Thanks for listening to Episode 47! Please subscribe at cohesivehome.com and leave us a review on iTunes!  

Duration: 37 min

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