Kate Saffle and Melissa Risenhoover

51: Simple Holidays

51: Simple Holidays

Already feeling stressed by the holidays? Need permission to simplify and celebrate in the way that is best for YOUR family? In this episode, Kate and Melissa share the ways they've uncomplicated their holiday celebrations and how to find traditions that feel right for yours. They also share about how to deal with family that doesn't agree with the way you celebrate and how to keep your values in mind when creating new traditions.   In this episode: > Why Kate and Melissa quit trying so hard > Simple traditions that won't wear you out > Let go of the social and family guilt to do more and be more > Do what's best for your family and forget what the world communicates to you about "perfect" holidays   For new episodes and resources, head to cohesivehome.com for more!  

Duration: 29 min

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