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Brooke's Top 10: Crimes of the Klan

Brooke's Top 10: Crimes of the Klan

Vernon Dahmer was a shop owner in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and President of the local chapter of the NAACP. At midnight on January 10th, 1966, two truckloads of Klansmen drove to his house and firebombed it. Vernon's family never stopped seeking justice, but it would take them more than three decades to find it. Get online therapy at an affordable price with TALKSPACE. Get $100 off your first month by using code COLDCASE at www.talkspace.com OR download the TALKSPACE app! Manage YOUR business with NetSuite! Schedule your FREE Product Tour and receive your FREE guide “Six ways to run a MORE PROFITABLE Business” at www.netsuite.com/ccf 

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