Ryan Kraus



April 20, 1999. Seniors Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold enter Columbine High School armed with bombs and guns, murdering twelve students and a teacher, while injuring dozens more in what becomes the most iconic school shooting in US history. In the aftermath, a shocked community, and even the nation, searched for understanding that wouldn't come easily. Twenty years later, we still want to know the answer to one question: why? Join host Ryan Kraus for a journey through the evolutionary architecture of existence, starting 200,000 years ago with the foundations of modern humanity, moving through the times of Egyptian pyramids, to the formation of the post-WWII middle class mindset, to the rise of Marilyn Manson, the mental health crisis, and finally, inside the doors of Columbine High School on that fateful day as he examines how we ended up with Eric and Dylan, why they killed, and, most importantly, how we can address the problem to finally put an end to mass shootings.

Duration: 5 hr 10 min

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