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67. How To Make Veggies Kids Will Actually Like

67. How To Make Veggies Kids Will Actually Like

NOTE: This episode was recorded before the United States coronavirus outbreak, so you won't hear any discussion of our current state of affairs. We hope it provides some much-needed distraction! Sending love and hope you're staying well and staying home.  Helping the kids eat their veggies can feel like a fruitless task—it can be so hard and they’re often just not interested in food groups other than carbs and cheese. (We get it! We love carbs and cheese!) But there are some fun strategies you can use that won’t have you in the kitchen cutting carrots into flowers or arranging their lunch into rainbows. We're chatting with Ilene Godofsky Moreno, of The Colorful Kitchen for her best tips.  FEEDING YOUR FAMILY, THE COMFORT FOOD WAY Our new e-book takes you through 8 concepts that will form the foundation of your understanding of how to feed kids and give you a firm starting point for improving mealtimes in your house. We’re here to reassure and inspire. We’re here to remind you that you’re doing a good job. We’re here to let you know that you’re not alone in the daily challenge of feeding your family. We’re here to help. Get your copy of Feeding Your Family The Comfort Food Way here.  TAKE OUR LISTENER SURVEY We want to know more about you, and what you think of Comfort Food. Please take our quick and easy survey so we can keep making this podcast better and better. Thanks so much!  Visit our show notes at for all the links and recipes discussed in this episode. Send questions to or find us on social: @v_solesmith and @yummytoddlerfood.  

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