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COVID vs Minority Businesses

COVID vs Minority Businesses

Ep 22 In this episode of Commerce and Chill Jessica and Waleed sit down and discuss the concept of "Black Businesses in America during COVID 19." Episode Highlights: 00:00 - Preview 00:16 - Intro 01:16 - First time? 04:14 - How do small businesses make a come back? 06:58 - Economic Inequalities  11:03 - The whole picture of small businesses in our community  15:10 - The Jeffersons  17:49 - Protesting rioting and looting  19:16 - Has times changed for Black businesses?  21:37 - Black Wall Street  23:24 - The burdens of a minority business owner  29:08 - What are the solutions? Video Credit to: KCTV 5 News NBC News The New Yorker WTVR-TV Richmond CBS News Thrillist  Washington Post Hamilton  BP Youtube Channel  The New Yorker  ABC 7 The Jeffersons  Now This History Channel BMore News Vox Goldman Sachs Fandango Movie Clips LLNNYC 💯 You can also follow us here: Jessica Johnson Cope: Waleed Cope:

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