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Episode 2: We're Hypocrites on Immigration

Episode 2: We're Hypocrites on Immigration

In our second episode, Jose and Joel pull up a stool, pour themselves a delicious lager, and dive into all the conversations your parents told you not to discuss in polite company. We begin with an embarrasing reflection on our first episode, in which we made several-- if not more-- mistakes. After we crack open some delicious Firestone beer, we begin with our FRED Talks: Joel talks a bit about weather, while Jose talks about the anima technica vacua (the emptiness of the tecnological soul). We then dive face first into the grey abyss of the immigration debate, an abyss that forces us to admit that an either/or approach to this debate is absolute madness. So, we admit our hypocrisy. However, Jose notes that the Catechsim of the Catholic Church (in paragraphs 2241 and 2242) embraces the both/and of the immigration debate. We even reference a viral video about immigration that attempts to explain the problem using gumballs. And, of course, there are discussions about Trump, the Wall, DACA, and Dreamers. Joel also get really excited about This American Life, which Jose has never watched. As we wrap up our immigration discussion, Joel explains how he is currently reading Night by Elie Wiesel, while Jose has been obsessed with Jerry Sienfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which is on Netflix. Please join us for our conversation next week about gun control. Salut!

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