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76. Weezer: Matt Apodaca Has a Pinkerton of Fun

76. Weezer: Matt Apodaca Has a Pinkerton of Fun

This is the first episode of Rocktober in Novemby and a little in Decemby, so you know we’re gonna rock out! Matt Apodaca (@MattApodaca) loves the rock band Weezer. Ben and Thayer are aware of them, but have no idea about most of the music, but are eager to hear it! Geoff’s on vacation. Matt takes us through almost all of Weezer’s discography from Self-Titled to Self-Titled (Weezer has a lot of self-titled albums), sampling some of the tracks we love, and cool deep cuts we weren’t aware of. We also hear about who was president during different Weezer eras and how that affects lyrical content. Matt is a very funny, and incredibly passionate about Weezer, which makes this episode a real good time.   Follow Matt Apodaca on Twitter @MattApodaca, and check him out on Harold Night at UCB Los Angeles with the improv comedy team PONY. Matt is also “sponsored” by Jolly Rancher, and wants you to remember to Keep on Sucking.   Follow Convince Me @ConvinceMePod and tell a friend if you like the show! Also check out boardwalk and click on the support our artists button. Why? Why not.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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