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Blue Tailed Day Geckos with Dr. Travis Hagey

Blue Tailed Day Geckos with Dr. Travis Hagey

Back at what seems like the dawn of time (i.e., two months ago when the kids were still at school),  Clara was working on a pollinator project for her second grade class.  Clara chose the blue-tailed day gecko. But when she started researching it, she found that there was almost no information out there about them! Luckily, we discovered the Skype a Scientist program, where we were connected to Travis Hagey. Dr. Hagey is an expert on day geckos (though he has not yet studied the blue tailed day gecko) and he taught us a lot about these amazing animals – like that they can drop and regrow their tails, that they probable traveled on the side of ... something (a log?) to get to the island they live on now, and why that commercial Gecko isn’t really super accurate. We learned a lot from Dr. Hagey, and had a super good time too.  We hope you will as well! As always, we love to hear from you! Email as or tweet us @coolanimalspod. Thanks to Andrew of Ear Snacks for our theme music! 

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