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Laird Niven Interview

Laird Niven Interview

This week we spoke with our favorite archeologist, Laird Niven! He tells us what superpower power he would want. We hear the story behind the hat he wears in each episode of The Curse of Oak Island. Who does Laird say they need to have multiple of on Oak Island?! Who is consistently the first and last person on the island?! Is Laird related to Billy Gerhardts?! What method would Laird use to excavate the money pit?! Facebook and Instagram @Oakislandpodcast Twitter @Oakislandpod YouTube Channel: OakIslandPodcast E-mail us at   To get your trading cards become a Patron to the podcast! Patreon  OakIslandPodcast  Phone number 360-836-4549 Apple Podcasts:   Spotify:

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