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Italy for Kids

Italy for Kids

Welcome to Italy for Kids, with Karyn from CASE OF ADVENTURE. Today we are going to be talking about the land of pizza and ice cream! We have a FREE 24 page ITALY printable pack for you to download! Maps, flag, welcome signs, food words, fun info, crossword, word searches, coloring pages, postcards, passport stamps, journal page, recipe cards, food flags and more! Read or listen to Italy for Kids, watch the videos and download the Italy printable pack with some fun activities for you to do. Click the play button in the player above to listen now (or listen in on iTunes or your favorite podcast app). Have you seen our awesome new product, ITALY ADVENTURE? What do Ren and Rome discover about the strange olive oil bottles in a restaurant in Milan? Where does Ilario, the son of a Venetian Gondolier take them to, to solve the mystery? What cheese do you eat with maggots in it? What happens in the catacombs in Rome? What kind of unusual vending machine do they discover? What is hidden in the painting of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci? What is the Trevi fountain in Milan filled with?​ Find out the answers to all these questions in Italy Adventure. Italy Adventure includes a 35 page adventure story which takes place in five cities in Italy!  Ren, Rome, Jake and Libby need to figure out why the olive oil bottles in a Milanese restaurant get empty so fast. What could be hiding in those bottles? After an encounter with a man with a wolf tattoo in the catacombs of Rome, and a visit to an olive farm in Florence, Ilario, a local Italian boy whose father is a gondolier, takes them to Murano, where the glass blowers of Venice help solve the mystery! There are clues to solve, puzzles, crafts, jokes to tell, and lots of fun learning and activities all in one awesome Italy Adventure book!     Italy for Kids When you think of Italy, what do you think of? Pizza? Eating Gelato Ice cream at a small street café? Gondolas on the water in Venice, with the gondoliers singing soulful songs The leaning tower of Pisa Rome and the Colosseum There are so many things that remind us of Italy, aren’t there? The name Italy comes from the word Italia, meaning “calf land” Some say it was because the bull was a symbol of the Southern Italian tribes. If you look on a map, you will see that the country of Italy is shaped like a boot and has two islands – Sicily near the toe of the boot is home to 5 million people and the biggest island in the Mediterranean.  Sardinia is smaller with stunning beaches and mountains. France, Switzerland Austria and Slovenia border on Italy.   CITIES AND LANDMARKS IN ITALY Milan is known for its fashion designers and the second-largest cathedral in the whole world, Duomo di Milano. Also the opera house – La Scala is there. Genoa on the west coast is where Christopher Columbus was born and shipbuilding continues there today. Venice is a city built on a whole lot of islands. There are canals instead of roads, and boats instead of cars. You can see the sights in Venice by floating through its canals on a gondola. Gondoliers, men in striped shirts sing romantic songs as they propel you along with a long rowing oar. In the central part of Italy, olives and grapes are grown to make olive oil and wine, which are some of Italy’s major exports. In Florence, beautiful architecture and works of art are everywhere. The capital of Italy is ROME. Rome, has influenced the whole world. They built roads to and conquered many lands from England to Africa and their ideas about engineering and culture spread to those lands. Vatican city is the smallest country in the world. It’s inside Rome and it’s where the Pope – the leader of the Roman Catholic Church resides. The country is about an eight of the size of Central Pack in New York. It operates as an independent country, generating revenue from tourism, printing its own money, stamps and passports. Read more interesting things about it here http://www.history.

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