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Romania for Kids

Romania for Kids

Welcome to Romania for Kids, with Karyn from CASE OF ADVENTURE. We have a fun 24 page Romania for Kids printable pack for you to download, including a crossword, word searches, coloring page, postcards, language cards, match up game, passport stamp and visa, maps pages and flag, notebooking page, recipe cards, food flags and more! Get the pack below. Read or listen to Romania for Kids, watch the videos and download the Romania printable pack. Click the play button in the player above to listen now (or listen in on iTunes or your favorite podcast app). Have you seen our awesome new product ROMANIA ADVENTURE and the story, “ROYAL RENDEZVOUS IN ROMANIA”. READ THE STORY – SOLVE THE CLUES – EXPLORE THE COUNTRY Join Rozalia as she shows you around Romania in this wonderful book which includes the story ROYAL RENDEZVOUS IN ROMANIA. “Welcome to my beautiful country – Romania. My name is Rozalia (Row-zah-lih-a) and I’m delighted you have come for a visit! Romania is a country in Europe and is actually halfway between the North Pole and the equator. Our land is full of color, flowers and traditions. There are small farming communities and exciting places to explore like Dracula’s castle! In Romania, you can explore bat caves by torch light or go for a swim in a volcano crater lake!” STORY EXCERPT “Mom and I helped to clean up, after which we gathered in what was called the music room. The walls were covered with shelves of music books and CDs. Violins hung from the walls, and cozy woolen rugs were spread on the floor. There was a small piano and a couple of benches with embroidered blankets on them. Marku played some folk music on his violin, while he and Sofia took turns singing loud and fun melodies and doing little dance steps in between. It was fascinating to watch. Sofia had a scarf tied around her head which bobbed about while she danced and sang the poetic folk songs.” Click here to see ROMANIA ADVENTURE in our store!     Romania for Kids Romania is a country in Europe and is actually halfway between the North Pole and the equator. The name, ‘Romania’ comes from the Latin word, ‘Romanus’, which means “citizen of Rome”. Long ago, Romans conquered and colonized the area which is modern day Romania. There is even a city called Roman in inside Romania. So a person could live in Roman, Romania! It is a very green and beautiful landscape with mountains, hills and plains, forests, waterfalls and rivers. There are many farms and old cities with fancy old-fashioned buildings and stunning architecture. The capital city is called Bucharest. Nearly 2 million people live in Bucharest which is the 7th largest city in the European Union, after Vienna and Paris. Romania is a fascinating country because it was one of the last countries in the world to move away from communism. Communism is when the government controls everything and takes away many of the people’s freedoms and possessions! There are still a few communist countries left in the world, but thankfully not many. In the 1800s, a prince from Germany, became Romania’s first King – King Carol I. He declared Romania an independent and sovereign state. Romania went through many changes in the early 1900s and then after the second world war, It’s 23 million citizens lived under the rule of one of the 20th century’s most controlling dictators. His name was Nicolae Ceauşescu. Learning about Romania is very sad because there has been so much suffering there. But then that is true in so many countries. We should always be grateful to those who have gone before us to fight for freedom from oppression. Things in Romania are much better these days than they used to be and Romanians are working hard to recover from Communism, with the help of other countries in Europe. Besides the large forests which cover a quarter of the country, there are many areas with flat plains for farming and rich soil for crops. There are stunning mountain slopes with ski resorts and in some places,

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