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Crash and Ride - Episode 23: Tim Midyett

Crash and Ride - Episode 23: Tim Midyett

For Episode 23, I interviewed Tim Midyett, bass player from the enormously influential band Silkworm, baritone guitar player for the band Bottomless Pit, and now front person for the band Mint Mile. Tim and I talked about the death of his best friend, Michael Dahlquist, drummer for Silkworm, and the death of his friend Jason Molina. You can check out the documentary about Silkworm here: You can hear Bottomless Pit here: You can hear Mint Mile here: Here is the Pablo Neruda poem I referenced about the Very Sad Poets: In the intro I talk about the Upcoming Drummers Weekly Groovecast episode where Phil is going to rebroadcast our interview. You can hear that on the DWG page:

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